Massage Candles


Relax into a blissful state of peace with Shibora Massage Candles. Made using Natural & Organic ingredients. Skin safe and can be used as a candle alone or as a lotion and massage oil. Perfect for after a bath or for an unforgettable massage experience.

Once you light the massage candle and the pool of wax reaches the sides of the candle you can extinguish candle. Test a small patch on skin first to check the heat. Soy wax has a low melt temperature so the wax does not get very hot. Once you have tested to make sure its the correct temperature you can begin to slowly pour the melted wax on the skin and massage it in.

There are a few scents to choose from and i am always happy to make any combination you like its just a matter of contacting me on FB by private message. I am also happy to make Massage candles or any of the Shibora candles for wedding favors or corporate gifts. I can also put your message on the candle sticker at no extra cost. Please contact me for wholesale pricing.

Here are a few scents for the Massage Candles:

Lavender, Orange & Cocoa Butter: My personal favorite it smells amazing. It has the beautiful chocolate smell of the Organic Cocoa Butter mixed with Organic Orange essential oil so it smells a bit like choc orange with hints of lavender essential oil. Used as a massage oil its scent is completely intoxicating, calming and sensual.

Rose Geranium: Such a pretty scent and well loved by many of my customers, its delicate and feminine. The organic Shea butter gives it such a wonderful creamy note. Truly divine and the perfect scent to set a romantic mood. Rose geranium essential oil is an uplifting oil and sure to please. This scent is also great to just burn as a candle, its not overly strong but subtle and gentle.

Massage candles come with instructions on how to use.

Large size Jar 11cm x 8.2cm x 9cmbase with a wooden lid.

The burn time is about 60 hours and depending on how much you use should last roughly 8 + massages.

Massage Candle comes in a white box so great to give as a truly special gift for someone you love.